Math formulas - 1

Math formulas should be placed between the dollar symbols \(\$\). If you write \(\$\)x+\frac{7}{x^2+1}\(\$\), then your submission will look like \(x+\frac{7}{x^2+1}\).

Computer code

This computer code should be placed between the words


This is how a computer assignment should be answered.

After clicking on Update/Save/Re-submit, you will see the formatted code above the box in which you can further edit your submission.

Auto-grading of computer code

If autograder is used, then it will only grade the last code in your submission. Your solution can contain explanation in words, and several blocks of code. If that is the case, then only the last one will be executed by the auto-grader. If you do not put anything between the code tags, then the autograder will assume that your entire solution is the code that you want to be graded.

If your code does not compile, the auto-grader will assign 0 points for that problem.